Course Fees

$320 for 4 Lessons

  • No Deposits 

  • No Material Fees 

  • No Registrations Fees 

  • Fixed price for all JC1, JC2, H1 and H2  students 


Our Story

The Social Scientist Academy aims to meet the learning needs of students taking the Singapore GCE A-Level Economics examinations. While there are plenty of online economics resources, few cater specifically for the latest Singapore GCE A-Level H2 9757 and H1 8823 syllabus.

Our team is made up of Singapore based economists and educators well versed in the latest syllabus, examination structure and learning needs of students. Articles and resources are written using our carefully designed framework with the sole intention of enabling students to learn the various economics topics and issues in a purposeful and meaningful manner.


That is why our mission at the Social Scientist Academy is "Purposeful Lesson & Meaningful Learning"


We want to develop future generations of social scientists who are well-versed with global and domestic issues concerning society as well as a better understanding about the relationships among individuals.

Group Tuition Schedule

H2 Economics

Every Sunday 1 PM

JC1 Economics Group Tuition

Every Saturday 10 AM

(Starting 6th March 2021)

Course fees at $320 for 4 lessons
Fees will be calculated based on the number of lessons in that month and collected during the first lesson of each month. 

No Deposits required. 
No Registration & Material fees for new students. 

JC2 Economics Group Tuition

H2 Economics - Every Sunday 10 AM

H2 Economics - Every Sunday 1 PM

Course fees at $320 for 4 lessons
Fees will be calculated based on the number of lessons in that month and collected during the first lesson of each month. 

No Deposits required. 

No Registration & Material fees for new students. 

Locate Us

Social Scientist Academy
Block 265 Serangoon Central Drive #02-271 Singapore 550265

We are located just 5 minutes walk away from Serangoon MRT Station and Nex.

Direct train or bus services from Nanyang Junior College, St Andrew's Junior College, Innova Junior College and Anderson Serangoon Junior College.


I started Mr Ben’s class in J1. His lessons helped me build a strong foundation since JC1. Mr Ben always prepared me well for test and exams in school, allowing me to achieve consistently good results in school. Eventually, with his help I achieved an A for Econs for my A levels. He never fails to clear my doubts and queries that I have, be it through texts or during lessons. He is definitely an amazing Econs tutor!

Marcus Lee 

Tampines Junior College

Mr Thong taught me how to de-emphasize rote learning and instead how to work through and make sense of the theories, concepts and the graphs taught in school. It was a reminder of how learning should be done. That helped to improve my train of thought and presentation of economics ideas on paper, as I was truly able to understand the question and concepts, and piece them together rather than simply regurgitating ideas.

Lim Jia Yin

Hwa Chong Junior College

Mr Ben is very clear when he explains economic concepts to me, and he would usually give me real world examples so that i could apply it and understand the concepts more easily. He always has a goal for each session, and has the lessons well planned, so each lesson was always fruitful for me! He also paced the lessons really well, so that i could keep up with the curriculum in school. Although I started lessons with him later and were quite behind my school's lessons, we managed to catch up. He would also rephrase and reteach concepts that I was unclear of and was always willing to answer the questions I had. Because of Mr Ben, I had a deeper understanding to most of the concepts as compared to my peers and were able to guide my friends along most of the time as well!

Siobhan Khoo

Meridian Junior College

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